Anastasia Egorova (Astrakhan, URSS 1981)

It all began on a school visit to a local brick factory when I was about 8 years old. That place and clay have captivated me. Since then I had an inner knowing that I gotta work with clay. Although I didn't start learning ceramics until I moved to the Mediterranean island of Majorca in 2005.  In 2007 I began exploring my creative language via photography, ceramics and jewelry. Between 2007 and 2018 I studied ceramics for several years in Manacor, in Pòrtol ceramic school, Pilar and Joan Miró foundation in Palma, Ramon Fort ceramic school in Llers and building my ceramic studio at the same time.

After several years of training in traditional ceramic techniques my body of work directioned towards ceramic sculpture and conceptual ceramics. Originally coming from the former Caspian sea bed and river Volga delta naturally rich with clay and living, working with clay and learning about ceramics in the Mediterranean for over a decade I developed a keen interest in observing parallelism between human condition and clay. I find it intriguing and exciting especially in our modern life that makes unexpected turns on a daily basis and how humanity responds with ongoing self exploration and changing self awareness.

In 2018 I had my first solo exhibition of conceptual ceramics and photography project "Surrender" at s'Escorxador, Marratxí, Majorca. Afterwards this project has been shown in New York (2019 Here now space), at Nitx de l'art in Felanitx(2020) Majorca, at IncArt festival in Inca (2021) Majorca,  at Kulturfinca Son Bauló (2021-2022) Majorca. I participated in a group exhibition "Tassó d'autor" at Illa de la calma gallery in Palma (2019) with my utilitarian ceramics.

Currently I work  on Masa madre project at my studio situated in Manacor, Majorca.



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